Your Blog is Your Bond

Business Bloggers Note: You never know which of your blog posts will be the first blog post a reader will stumble across, and first impressions are irreplaceable. Posting each article without many grammatical errors and a good sequential flow of your information presented is very important. Today, I am going to share some tools with you to help you put your best foot forward with each and every post.


Make sure you know: what to capitalize in a title.

According to the “The White Paper Marketing Handbook” by Robert Bly, good titles should have the 3 U’s by being: ultra-specific, unique and useful to your readers. For more advice and references on writing a good title read: Why a Good Title Makes a White Paper.


Add visual aid to your posts. (Pictures aren’t always worth a thousand words, however, the right ones really can add value.)

Make sure you utilize keywords in your writing where they are most important.

If your blog program does not include a spelling and grammar check, I recommend trying This online tool allows you to copy and paste your text into their website and check it for spelling & grammar errors.

I wish I could remember where I got these 8 words not to use and their alternatives. However, I decided to go ahead and scan my notes to share them with you anyway. This could have been from an internet source or another article. It’s a good reminder to use your thesaurus and sprinkle your writing with a variety of words. It’s important to be careful and not get too carried away though. You don’t want people to have to look up lots of words in the dictionary just to be able to understand your posts!

If you have an important document like a press release or a business site that gets more than 100 hits per day, I recommend hiring an editor for your content.

No matter what you are blogging about these days, whether it’s for business or pleasure you have a great window of opportunity to establish yourself as a great writer and an expert in your field. Even if you blog about recreational activities or entertainment you must have a certain amount of professionalism when posting your content.

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