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Where to find it.

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Start with finding your country, state, then the city located closest to you. Look under jobs, and you’ll find lots of great virtual job choices under “Gigs”. If you don’t see anything you are qualified to do, then look in other cities in the state or surrounding states. After all, working from home doesn’t require looking for work within commuting distance. Right? When you find your niche or your groove, you will be capable of having clients all over the world!


Freelance writing and coding jobs galore!


If you have a specialty, go post a profile.

If you need someone with a specialty, go post your project.


This has really earned a sort of bad rep from established professional online consultants, virtual assistants and freelancers. The reason is because it is known as the “online clearance section” for people who want to offer their services at something like $3.00 an hour! Which is really too low for anyone to do work for considering basically half our income goes to taxes so that’s really $1.50 an hour. The only thing I have to say is that this may be a good place to start. But after you get your first client’s work completed, make sure you ask for a reference and don’t sell yourself short anymore.  Your time is worth so much more than $1.50 an hour.

And on a side note, thanks to Virtual Assistant Forums, I also learned that oDesk offers Free Testing here to see where to qualify you for certain jobs. And if you pass these tests, then you can become “certified” through their site and prove you are qualified to employers. I am planning on looking into it further to see if it is (quality or not) something I may want to blog more about.

My Advice:

1. Be honest.

2. Work hard.

3. And keep track of everything.

4. Listen to your client, they’re always right.

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