When our plate is full, are we asking for seconds?

Do you ever stop to really notice the patterns of your work life? If you are a virtual assistants or small business owner and haven’t noticed these “bursts of opportunity” and “temporary dry spells”, don’t worry, the bigger you get the more obvious they are. The trick is to keep a medium pace and stay consistent. Sometimes this means sending business elsewhere. Start building an affiliate list now.

Where quality cannot take a back burner for small social business:

  • Always try to respond to blog post comments.
  • Check Twitter, email, contact form responses, and check in with Facebook everyday.
  • Strive to do your finest work on each task you take on because it represents the quality of your business. Word of mouth is even more important in today’s social media culture. Rumors and recommendations have a much further reach nowadays.

Even if our plates are full of good things, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when so many things are going on in our personal and professional lives. So, in conclusion, I want to mention an old email that I had forwarded (yes, one of those.) to me ages ago. It has long since been deleted so I can’t quote it directly. However the idea of the message stuck with me, and was something like this:

Be proud even if your kids are driving you crazy asking for one thing right after another, because they are healthy, bright individuals who are interested in trying new activities. (Variety is the spice of life right?)

Be grateful for the dirty dishes you are washing in the sink because that means you had the money to eat today.

✿ Appreciate the ability to attract lots of business at once because that means your skills are in high demand.

Be confident if you have some really difficult homework to do, because you have finally made it to the end of your bachelors program and you have done the work that has built up to a project you know how to do as long as you simply break it down into the usual steps and take one at a time. (OK, so this last one is just something I needed to write for me. :) )

One thought on “When our plate is full, are we asking for seconds?

  1. Virtual Team

    As a virtual subcontractor one of my goals is to help those virtual business owners realize their plate is full. In order to feel some of the things you mentioned they sometimes need to dump the plate and outsource the tasks.

    Great comparison.

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