What Time of Day are You Most Productive?

Most of us have certain parts of the day where we feel we are most productive and that’s when we tackle our more complicated tasks or projects.  The rest of our days are filled with easy tasks like answering emails or returning phone calls or quite possibly, doing family errands.

As a work-at-home business owner who also handles the majority of the childcare, my most productive time is the morning.  It’s one of the quietest parts of my day-before life’s busy chaos starts.  LOL  I get up around 4:30 am every morning and fix my husband’s coffee, make up his lunch for the day and send him on his way.  Then, I have about an hour and a half of complete silence.  This is the time when I answer all my emails and check my calendar to see what I have scheduled for the day.  There are even times when I use this time to do research for any articles I may be writing. 

Then I take a break.  I color, finger paint, draw, read books or play cars with my toddler until it’s nap time.  This is one of my most favorite parts of the day because there is no stress.  I let myself go and my inner child out.  This is one of the absolute joys for any parent, I’m sure, who works from home.

Then it’s back to work.  I get re-energized from “playing” and my second wind hits!  I make all my phone calls and start any long or new tasks in the afternoon.  There are some days I get quite a bit accomplished, but I do have days that despite my best efforts, nothing gets done.  It could be because a call with a client went longer than normal and consequently more details were added to an existing project that was almost completed or a new client came on board and there are details that still need to be answered before new tasks can be started.  Whatever the reason, I know it’s time to distance myself for a bit and then come back with a clear head.  At least for me, that usually does the trick.

Now, when summer hits and school is out, I’m sure my productive times will change.  Actually, I’m already anticipating that and making the adjustments now.  After all, what fun is working from home if you can’t at least enjoy a few summer days with your kids?

Whatever time is YOUR most productive, make it count.  Schedule the tasks/events/projects that are the most complicated and need the most focus, for this time frame.  The other smaller tasks that may not take as much time or focus can be scheduled around the rest of your day.

But, I’m curious….what time of day is your most productive time?  I’ve included a poll to see where the majority of us fall.  I’m sure the results will be interesting!

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