What Popular Niche Channels on YouTube Have in Common

Here is a list of 6 lessons I compiled while studying a couple of successful YouTube channels. Creating YouTube channels with a strong following and creating viral videos that you want everyone in the whole world to see at least once are two very different things. (We will get back to the infamous-type viral videos that almost everyone has seen at least once next Monday.)

1. They Have an Obvious Target Market

If you are going to have a good channel that people will love to come back to, you must first decide which people you want to have love your channel and encourage them to come back. Of course we all want to have something for everyone, but in reality we need to recognize that no one is all things to all people and you have to narrow it down. What could you talk about every day?

2. They Can Be Entertaining and Informative

The iJustine Channel

Target Market: Geeks (or Technology interested people), Social Media Fans (She’s always talking about something on YouTube, Twitter, & Facebook), Some Girls (She’s very girlie.), and Some Guys (Because she is so pretty!) She averages almost a million views per video nowadays. She has a niche channel for techie, girlie, and random yet very relate-able other topics.

3. They Get Viewers to Subscribe

She is very good about remembering to ask visitors to subscribe to her channel after every video.

4. They Get Visitors to Give Comments and Video Replies

She also encourages feedback. Feedback is vital to your channel’s survival.

Video Example: iPAD!!!! I TOUCHED IT!!!! Apple iPad review! (2,291,747 views) [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ah02m_2xBCg&fs=1&hl=en_US&color1=0xe1600f&color2=0xfebd01]

The Fred Videos

Target Market: Kids Fred’s niche channel is a crazy, fun channel. The appeal of the Fred video is immaturity…but in a good way! Everyone likes to be silly sometimes, well Fred gets to be silly all the time. I love the part where Fred goes swimming in this video. LOL! Get in touch with your inner child before watching this one.

5. They Consistently Have High Quality Content

You know that this kid takes some time thinking up, shooting, and editing these short little videos. When you start making your own, you’ll appreciate it even more.

6. They Have Fun with It!

If you aren’t having fun doing it, then your viewers probably won’t have fun watching it. If they have fun, then they’ll want to come back.

Video Example: Fred Goes Swimming: (46,948,000 views)


Next week, I will post more about YouTube and creating viral videos. I can’t wait to share some of my favorites!