Virtual Assistant Jobs

Jobs that almost any starting out VA can do.

There are a number of odd Virtual Assistants end up doing, some are fun and some are kind of tedious. But these are the kind of jobs you can do until you find your specialty:

  • Appointment and meeting schedules
  • Blog writing (you should attempt to learn how to set one of these up for yourself.)
  • Bookkeeping Records
  • Concierge services (ordering services and deliveries for clients online)
  • Data Entry
  • Editing someone’s website, newsletter, or e-zine content
  • Gift orders and/or wish lists
  • Remote PC support
  • Research target markets for advertisers
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Setup business facebook profiles,
  • Writing articles, eBooks and freelance writing

Think of it this way: sometimes 24 hours in one day just isn’t enough.

To Do List

As a virtual assistant, you work to help other professionals live a balanced life too.

I work for Virtual IT Assistants which is a company that technical virtual assistants that setup web 2.0 technology to work for you.
See? It all looks pretty simple right? Experience will teach you how to do these this in the most efficient ways possible. You’ll make your clients happy because they won’t have to do these jobs. Your goal should be to become efficient in a specific area to be able to market yourself and streamline your business.

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