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See Twitter Tools Version 2 post for more twitter tools.

Reach & keep followers on twitter with these tools!

FYI- due to some twitter updates lately I have had a little trouble with some of the auto apps. You might want to monitor it over the next few days to make sure your tweets get sent.

  1. Friend or Follow – There are some peeps who go and mass follow a bunch of ppl then, mass unfollow after they nab the followback. That is SO CHEATING! Find out if people unfollowed you (then unfollow those twits!) :)
  2. Top Twitter Followers – Follow them, they’ll follow u!
  3. Mr.Tweet – build a network of peeps w/ similar interests. Mr. Tweet is no more…
    Their website says: Hi there! Thanks for making MrTweet one of the most popular Twitter services.
    Now that Twitter has introduced their own recommendation engine, we consider our life goal completed”
    – updated 2-8-2011
  4. TweetLater – Send your new followers a “Thanx 4 the Follow” msg – This is overused
  5. Twuffer – queue up your tweets! Don’t have time to stop by twitter and tweet an important msg to your peeps?
  6. TwitBacks – Get a Twitter BackGround because there is only so much the profile allows you to share about your business < word to the wise, never share too much ’bout yourself !!! >
  7. TwitterFeed - feed your blog posts to twitter automatically with this awesome little app.
  8. Twitter Search! – search for anything peeps are tweeting.
  9. tweeteradder – Boasts “400 followers in a day!” I don’t know about that, but I have gotten about 50 and I just signed up for it! If you get 15 of your friends & followers to signup, you get free VIP status (only for one day though.) It gives you an ID (as you see mine on the link) and when you log back in, you can see if any of your friends signed up for you! This no longer exists.
  10. Follow me, I'll follow you.
    **BTW, try to keep your ratio of followers and following kinda even. If people see that you follow like 500 people, and you only have 50 following you, then there must be something wrong with you and they shouldn’t follow you. **

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