Twitter Tools Version 2

    Managing Friends and Followers

    There are some peeps who go and mass follow a bunch of people on twitter and then, mass unfollow after they get the poor unsuspecting peeps who followback. This is SO CHEATING! Find out if people unfollowed you (then unfollow those twits!)

  1. Friend or Follow – Find out who is a friend and who is a follow collector.
  2. Tweepi a geekier, faster way to bulk add quality followers and flush the unfollowers.
  3. Add Us as Friends
    We’ll add you back, as long as you don’t spam us. ;) Amber: @FindingAnswers, Jennifer: @thesnflwrgrl, Kena: @KenaRoth

    Get Tons of Followers on Twitter

  4. Top Twitter Followers – You used to be able to go to this page and follow all of these people on twitter, and they’d follow you back! Now, you are probably going to have better luck following the latest peeps who have commented on this post and they will follow you back.
  5. Twitter Search – search for anything peeps are tweeting. Are they tweeting
  6. Automate a Few Tweets Here and There

    Hey, you aren’t going to be on twitter all at the same times that some of your followers are on, it’s ok to send an automated tweet now and then when you’ve got an important message.

  7. Twuffer – Queue up your tweets with Twuffer, but you cannot queue up tweets that are identical to your current status with this tool.
  8. TwitterFeed – Feed your blog posts to twitter automatically with this awesome little app.
  9. Twitter Profile Make It Yours

  10. TwitBacks – Get a Twitter Background because there is only so much the profile allows you to share about your business, but for personal use remember not to ever share too much info about yourself!!!
  11. has a more fun idea for your twitter background. They will put your twitter followers pics on your background! How fun is that? :)
  12. Follow me, I'll follow you.

    The Unspoken Rules

  13. **BTW, try to keep your ratio of followers and following kinda even. If people see that you follow like 500 people, and you only have 50 following you, then there must be something wrong with you and they shouldn’t follow you. **
  14. Don’t buy into thinking you have to stoop to some kind of tacky twitter tactic to get sales! People who do this just make the marketing tools like twitter less valuable.
  15. – Send your new followers a “Thanx 4 the Follow” msg – I totally change my mind on this one. After getting hundreds of hey! thanks for the follow! Check out my website! Guess what? Everyone does it and because everyone does it, everyone ignores it… so just be classy and don’t.

I wrote the post Twitter Tools in June 8, 2009. And we all know that any post about twitter that old is pretty much useless! I have written updates on the twitter topic, like when we all started using Twitter Lists posted Oct. 31, 2009, and my fun little post on how so many peeps are still twitterpated and how twitter is still definitely working for them posted April 19, 2010. And yet, I still never got around to posting an updated version of my favorite twitter tools list. These tools will still help you reach & keep followers on twitter!

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