Time Marches On

My Final Paper – Concepts of Wellness
I’m sharing just because we are always developing something.


A specific lifestyle area that I would like to develop is the ability to stop worrying so much. It’s funny how some people never really realize how much they worry. As I was working through this online course, and posting messages in response to others’ posts, I began to realize how much I like to solve problems. Whether the problem was someone else’s or my own, I could plan out detailed ways of solving the problem. The only downfall was thinking upon it later and worrying: “What else could I have done or said to solve it better or quicker?” Of course this would create problems that didn’t even really exist. When I do these things, I never really realize how much time I waste. Now, I need just go with the flow more. When I worry so much about so many different things, life stops being fun and starts being another chore.

Blah, blah, blah, there was a lot of rambling here trying to cover all the bases of the paper’s requirements like:

  • What specific daily actions are required to develop this ability?
  • Give a time line for implementing my actions.
  • How can I measure my progress for this development?
  • Who will support my development? etc

If you want to develop any specific strength in your life, you can ask yourself these questions to plan your own development.


This paper has been thought provoking and self-motivating. I was going over all of the things that I want to develop in my life. I want to develop as a mother, daughter, granddaughter, friend, worker, and fiancé. So, in conclusion, I must reflect and acknowledge that I have a lot of work to do to develop and find out who I am supposed to be and what my purpose is. When I really stopped and thought about what would truly improve my life. I decided I really need to develop my sense of “self”. Also, I need to stop worrying about things I can’t control. The tension in my life is causing me to be edgy and impatient. I have sort of stopped living, but the time marches on. Until recently, I have been the kind of girl who loves life and wants to live life to the fullest. I have simply let too many things stress me out.

I only get this one life to live. So why worry so much? All I can do is the very best I can and that is all.

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