Time for Recess

You know I’m always trying to learn new, more efficient ways to take better care of my health. Sometimes, it’s the old ways that benefit us the most.

Last Thursday, I had a bunch of work piling up while I was absolutely stuck on one of my projects… I knew I was probably being too much of a perfectionist about it.

When a few hours went by with hardly a trace of productivity on my masterpiece (of the moment) I realized I needed to stop. I needed to get the blood pumping through my legs again.

Then I thought about the usual exercises I could do… I didn’t want to do any kind of structured activity that involved a workout video or a treadmill… No, I would need something else.

I had a sudden urge to either aimlessly take a run around the neighborhood or run up and down the stairs until the productivity part of my brain could reboot or something.

I went down to our basement fridge to grab myself (yet another) diet coke and spotted Haylee’s (my eight year old) hoola hoop leaned carefully against the wall where I am certain she decided was a good place to “hide” it from Ryan (my four year old) who had been leaning all of his weight on it, bending it more of an oval than a circle.

What the heck? I thought to myself. I decided to go ahead and try it.

I went back upstairs and turned on the radio and hoola-hooped through three songs (and 27 commercials… that’s only a slight exaggeration.)

The exercise was invigorating and just exactly what I needed to reset and focus on my work. Then I wondered how often we “grown ups” stop and indulge in a little bit of playtime for ourselves.

Do something you haven’t done in a long time… like a handstand or jumping jacks… you’ll be surprised at how difficult and simple the skill is to revive after years of dormancy.