This is who I am. This is what I do.

While attending the funeral of a very close friend’s Dad, something was brought to my attention.  After the service was over we had the opportunity to visit with friends and relatives we hadn’t seen in a while.  A friend’s Dad was chatting with my husband, small talk, you know.  Asking if we were still farming?  If my husband still worked at Dairy Farmers of America (local plant)?  Then he moved on to say,  “Is your wife working anywhere?”  After stumbling over his words for a bit, in a hesitant tone, my husband replied, “Yes.  From Home.”  My mind went crazy.  “Yes.  From Home.”  That’s all he could say?  Seeing how it wasn’t the appropriate time, I didn’t address the answer he had given nor did I smack him square in the forehead.  However, the latter of the two weighed the heaviest.

The more I thought about it, I’d never really explained it “thoroughly” to him.  I had never set him down and taken the time to tell him just exactly what it is I do.  Yes, he knows I’m a Virtual Assistant.  Yes, he knows I work from home (obviously).  Yes, he knows I have clients.  And yes, he knows I bring in an income.  But, what does all this mean?  All he knew was when he got home the house was clean, the kids were fed and in between all that, I stared at the computer screen.  If you think about it, his not knowing was my fault.  I can’t expect him or anyone else to just know what I do.  There’s even been times when I beat around the bush to answer the question of “Now what do you do?” 

After a discussion and a few clicks of the mouse, he now knows and somewhat understands what I do.  He knows I’m on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for a reason.  He understands that Excel spreadsheets don’t have information on them unless someone puts it there.  Google AdWords, keywords & key phrases, tag words, categories & such did not interest him what-so-ever.  But, he now knows and his own terms were this – “So basically you help set-up and establish online presences. You’re the one in the background making it happen.”  YES!! You got it, babe.  So, the next time someone asks him what his wife is doing now or what his wife does, he has a great answer; one that could also bring in business.

As an entrepreneur, always thinking of ways to get more business or bring in new clients comes naturally.  Letting people know, “This is who I am. This is what I do”, simply by using the good old fashion word of mouth advertising, will make a difference.  I’ve learned to speak with confidence and self-assurance that I am an independent entrepreneur who works remotely, using technology to deliver services to clients globally.

Now for the why:  This was given to me on Valentine’s Day from my 10 year old son.  It’s the little things like this that makes me realize, “Who I am, What I do, and Why I do it”, is for all the right reasons.

How do I love you? Let me count the ways.

I love you when – you help me

I love you when – you play with me

I love you when – you are funny

I love you when – your gone

I love you when – your here

I love you when – you love me

How do I love you?

It’s impossible to say.

For if I had a million days, and time enough for all the praise, I could never tell you all the ways…

I LOVE YOU! Happy Valentine’s Day 2010


Thank You for letting me share with you!         

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  1. Amber Whitener

    Kena, This is such a great and inspiring story. Thanks so much, because you are right: so many people don’t get the whole “work at home concept”. We all to often work way more than just the hours we’ve set, and it’s all for the right reasons. Someday the world may know. :)