Things Pixar Taught Me

Here’s what Pixar taught me. Pin your favorites!

Finding Nemo




Bug's Life

I have no ownership rights to the photos on this post. I’ve even shamelessly copied the concept of this post from someone else. The idea is great, but the execution is not so much. Their pics were kind of cute, but I shamelessly copied the idea and made it better! I have purchased the DVD/Platinum Extended/and or/Blu-ray versions of all of these movies and sequels except Ratatouille which we only ended up with the Wii game. Not sure why because I love that movie. – This is one of those ask for forgiveness rather than permission things. The Pixar movies are full of fun/inspiration/silly potential inspiration! And I guess I thought the quotes the great concept bloggers came up with were just too generic. (Sorry guys – I still loved your idea and it wasn’t terrible, in fact you were sort of inspirational to me. ;) ) see the “original”: Things Pixar taught me.