The Very Novice Guide to Creating Video Content

A couple of weeks ago I was talking about content for landing pages, and video content is still a gray area for a lot of small businesses and solo-entrepreneurs.

For landing pages, you don’t necessarily need a big commercial presentation video for a new web service roll out.

In fact, sometimes just a quick snippet of visual aid to show your prospective customer what they will find there on your website.


For small businesses, I found this nifty website a while back called animoto. One of my friends on YouTube, who happens to be an independent virtual assistant, used the holiday greeting card to offer a special on one of her services.

I went to check it out and find out how user friendly it was to create your video content. And this is what the screen looks like when you go to create a demo video. I concluded that it is very simple and even a beginner could probably use this service.

Simple but effective.

They also make it very easy to share or embed video into your landing page.

BSR Screen Recorder

The second video option that you may want to consider if you have software or an internet product/service is creating a screen walk-through (or demo) of your product. I found a great program to record your demo called BSR Screen Recorder.

You have the option to record audio from your playback devices (meaning just recording with background music or other audio files) or record information via microphone.

However, there is a (very small) downside to using this freebie program. The file it creates by default is a .avi video, but you can change that when you finish your video and click on the green “lab” button you see shown in the screenshot below.

This will open the BSR Movie Lab. When you go to file, go down to “Produce Video”. There you will see the following format options.