The Sick Day

This has all the makings of a classic home movie:

✔ pj’s,
✔ bad hair,
✔ a stuffed elephant,
✔ and nose picking all in 3 minutes.

LOL, enjoy. ♥

Video diary from: October 30, 2009.

This is the first video I edited with Microsoft Movie Maker. It was pretty easy to use, but I got quite generic amateur results with it. :) I’ll try something new next time.

This excerpt is from the new virtualitassistants youtube channel:

Even when you are a work at home parent, you will probably have to work when you’re a little under the weather. However, when your kid is sick, you don’t have to send them to preschool sick. Bubba only had a small fever, but it got up to 101.8 the day before. The beauty of working out my own hours is, he could stay home and get better. And don’t worry, he did get to go trick or treating the next day after 24 hours of being fever free. :)