the last day home, just us 2

The last day of maternity leave.

I cannot believe that Ryan is six weeks old. yesterday. Why must time go so fast? I am so happy being a mom. I love my babies with all my heart. Haylee is doing fabulously in her new class. Phil must feel a little neglected, because I haven’t really stopped working from sun up to sundown. Not even to write in my blog. (which I think I have decided I like blogging better than journaling) If I can get my things in order before I go back to work, then life will be easier. Haylee’s room is still a mess, but that’s because she just has too many toys and clothes. ;) What a terrible problem to have right? Mine and Phil’s room is still wall to wall of laundry and papers I need to go through and throw away. It’s been difficult to get around to, I’m not sure where to begin when I go in there. . . But I feel like once I get it all the way that I want it, life will be easier. We have tried to bring two housefuls of stuff into one house. (Not to mention being pregnant half the time and post baby body issues the second! HaHa, ok TMI right?) For the first few months its just tripping over things, seemingly endless baskets of clothes. I am feeling a little better about it today. I am still no where near done, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I am trying to enjoy the last day that Ryan and I have together. I have definitely bonded with him. He is definitely an wonderful blessing. It’s so funny, because I loved Haylee just as much. Now that I am older and have already been a mother, it definitely feels a little more natural this time. With Haylee, it was also natural to love her, but I had no idea what I was doing. I had mom and Gramma always there telling me what to do. I am not saying that being a mother a second time makes me an expert. But as always, experience has it’s advantages.

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