The Future of Media

Today, I decided to video respond to Chris Brogan’s Future of Media vlog post. He has some very good, thought provoking points. I definitely concur with his message about how “serial” media is right now and also how smart it is becoming!

2 thoughts on “The Future of Media

  1. Chris Brogan

    I’m *so* excited that you shot a video response! How cool is this? If I weren’t sleepy and a bit lazy, I’d have shot you back a response and keep it all going. I’m *so* excited that you are shooting a video response. It’s like you PROVED things.

    You’re right about COMMERCE and how that links to media. I’ve got that as another part.

    Thanks again for shooting the video. It made me so happy. : )

  2. Amber Whitener Post author

    You got a ton of video responses Chris! Great job! :) You should continue to encourage other people to try out this video response thing sometime. I realize it means coming out of our shells a little bit (or at least it does for me), but when people join a “conversation” it might feel like a more natural place to start creating video content. Anyways, I had a lotof fun with it. We’ll definitely have to do it again sometime!

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