Are People Still Talking About the End of the World?

I have been hearing about the end of the world pretty much my whole life. According to most Christians, no one is supposed to know when it is going to happen. Nebuchadnezzar and that Edgar Cayce guy shared a few apocalyptic prophecies.

My daughter was told by her friends at school that the world is going to end today because it’s 12-12-12. I reminded her that we made it through 11:11am and 11:11pm on 11-11-11 so we would likely make it through 12-12-12 just fine.

Mayan Pyramid, Floods And Sun by Victor HabbickDon’t worry, we still have 10 more days… according to the Mayans. December 21, 2012 – This is the last day of the Mayan calendar. I believe there was even a movie made about this one. Then again is a fallen ancient civilization the most excellent source of such information? Regardless of the fact that they counted time more accurately than an atomic clock!

Without Endings, There Can be No Beginnings
Not to encourage a seriously gloomy message or anything, but isn’t it true that there must be some sort of ending to our world as we know it?

Something Has to Change
Even the most conservative of our species takes resources away from the environment 10 fold more than they are ever able to give back. And then of course the conservative ones give birth to the CEO’s of multimillion dollar development companies to make up for their lack of extravagance during childhood.

Maybe we are all just waiting for that day or event that will inevitably tip the scale? Personally, I am hoping for change, but it would have to be quite large scale to reverse or improve the damage to prevent the currently impending event-to-end-it-all happens.

A lady I used to work with once said that in order for the world to change, someone would have to be the one to take a stand and lead it in the right direction. – It sounds like something you might read in one of those “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books doesn’t it?

The Age of Empowerment
I prefer to prepare my children for a more advanced age instead of teaching them to dwell on a fear of this particular one ending. – I mean what is there to fear? Are any of us happily living in complete fulfillment in this one anyway?

“Mayan Pyramid, Floods And Sun” image courtesy of Victor Habbick /

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