The Balancing Act

Working from home is a choice that many of us in this day and age are considering.  However, it’s not an easy choice to make nor is it the “right” choice for everyone.  Here are a few suggestions to remember when considering this option like:

  • What are my most productive times of the day?
  • Do I have ample space to set-up an office…away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house/family?
  • Are my time management skills ready for this challenge?
  • Am I flexible enough?
  • Can I deal with not having coworkers physically around me every day…am I OK to work alone?

   For some, being able to stay home and help raise your children is ideal.  However, when you start to factor in time to work or start your own business along with ample family time, it can get overwhelming. 

   That’s where the balancing act comes in and to be completely honest, it could take a bit of time to get all the kinks worked out.  Best thing you can do, is don’t get discouraged.  Things will start to run more smoothly once you get into a rhythm.  This is where your time management skills come in handy, whether you use an online calendar through Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo or some other sort of time management system.  Knowing what’s on your calendar on a daily basis will also help you to stay flexible in case something last minute comes up.

   Another adjustment to consider is going from having physical interaction with others on a daily basis to not much, unless it’s your children.  If you thrive in an environment where you can interact with others, like a brainstorming session, than this may be a bigger adjustment for you to make.  In order to help compensate for this, make sure you keep lunch appointments or coffee appointments on your schedule for former coworkers or other friends/family.  This will help keep you connected to the “outside” world.

   Most importantly, you are choosing this new direction for a reason. Whether it’s a yearning to strike out on your own doing exactly what you love or whether it’s the desire to help raise your family, make sure to take personal time.  Many times we forget about ourselves and our families when we start a new endeavor, however, that’s the glue to this whole thing!  YOU are now in control of what happens next!  If you don’t take time out for your personal enrichment and for time with your family, ultimately they along with you and your new business will suffer.

   Balancing all these new expectations is not easy and there is no one right way.  With anything worth having, perseverance, patience and time will see you through.

   Good luck and I wish you all nothing but great success!