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Learn these search engine “tricks”, and you’ll save yourself some time! These shortcuts work on almost any search engine, but they definitely work for Google. This information is helpful for market research, office calculations, personal and people searches, file searches and website backlink lookups.

Filter Searches

For words that have multiple meanings read the following short article: narrow-down your search results.

Perform Calculations

Read this next linked short article for a better way to perform calculations in the Google search field

Specialized Search Tips

Click here for more great Google search tips from Jenny Gallaher including:

  • Tracking flights
  • Locating packages
  • Movie showing times
  • Finding files (e.g. PDF’s, Excel spreadsheets or even PowerPoint presentations)

and more! Jenny wrote the preceding articles; and kept them short, sweet, and to the point. I like how she never rambles. She’s one of the best time saving VA for sure!

BackLink Search Tips

Find how many websites are linking back to your website.

On Google search for:

On Bing & Yahoo search for:
links: www.yourdomain.com

This will simply give you more accurate results than simple doing a search on www.YourDomainName.com.

Happy Searching!