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Dried Up Twits

I have noticed there are quite a few people who begin tweeting some very useful information. Like many technological marketing schemes they seemed to have gotten bored with the prospect of continuing their campaign (You’ve heard it before: “I tried it and Twitter is useless.”) or perhaps didn’t see the instant benefits of their effort or someone failed to measure their campaign’s success.

No matter what the reason, at any rate they discontinue tweeting and leave quite a wealth of knowledge behind for no one ever to see.

Sometimes, it’s not exactly a wealth of knowledge as much as some very handy tips to point us back to the path of success when we get lost in the muddle of information we get bombarded with elsewhere.

In the interest of saving this information, I have decided to weed out some of the better Twitter tips and put it back into good use via this blog when I happen across such morsels.

I will also add in a few Twitter tips here and there for you to launch or revive your own Twitter campaigns.

The new tag will be called: Dried Up Twits;) all in good fun.