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Social Media: Starting Out Right

Using Social Media for your business can be a great marketing tool, when used effectively and correctly.  That’s right – correctly!  But who makes up the rules?  Who says what works for one business is the “correct” way and will work for all businesses? 

Every business, just as every person, has its own style.  I love to share Social Media tips. I love to share uplifting words and be a positive influence. I love sharing quirky moments during my day or funny things my kids do or say on the social sites.  Some “experts” say this isn’t the proper way to use social media.  But, I say, use social media in the way that will benefit you and your business the most. 

Does it work for me?  Well, my favorite thing to hear from potential clients is “ I like your style!”, and I hear this regularly. To me that’s starting out right.

  I personally don’t want to follow or befriend someone that’s ALL business.  I believe I was put on this earth to have fun and make a little noise.  I’m not saying go break all the social media rules, but have some fun with your social networking platforms.  

Here’s some tips:

–          Start out slow.

–          Join the sites and find a few friends or people to follow  – watch how they interact with others.

–          Build your followers, friends and fans organically over time.

–          Find articles, blogs and helpful resources and post links to them for your follower’s benefit.

–          Be yourself and genuine – it shows!

Remember that what works for one business with Social Media doesn’t work for another.  If Social Media is working for you then you are doing it correctly. 

One of my favorite quotes about Social Media came from Mari Smith  and it’s so true. “Be consistent. Be patient. Be ready.”

Here’s what I’m saying: Establish an online presence, be respectful of others, provide great content and have fun.   Now that you have a few tips for starting out – Go get ‘em!