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Represent Your Business BETTER on Facebook

Facebook Business Page Updates February 2011

Kena posted these messages on the Virtually Assisting You Facebook page last Friday:

  1. As an Admin on so many pages…this is awesome as well with the new Facebook upgrade –> Get notifications(email or instant) when fans interact with your page or posts!
  2. With the new upgrade on Facebook Pages. You can now make comments as your page on other pages.

I was so excited to checkout what Facebook was calling An Upgrade for Pages, but I didn’t have enough time to look into it until I just took the time today. I had to write about how EASY it is to do these things and more!

Click on any instructional image to enlarge it.

1. Use Facebook as Your Business Page

  1. Click on “Account”.
  2. Then click on the “Use Facebook as Page” option in the drop-down.

2. Your Facebook Page Profile Will Look Like Your Personal Profile

  1. See how many new people “Like” your business. This # shows up like your profile shows how many friend requests & suggestions you have.
  2. See how many interactions your page has had since you were there the last time!

3. Still Want to Communicate on Facebook as Yourself?

Don’t it look odd when you want to comment or like something on any page you are an admin on? It looks like you are “liking” your own stuff right? Well, Facebook fixed that too. (If it was fixed prior to this update, I didn’t realize it or I would’ve posted about it.)

We’d been waiting on this option for a long time.

1. Go to your Business Page on Facebook and click on the “Edit Info” button at the top.

2. Then click on “Your Settings” on the left.

3. Uncheck the top box about commenting on your page as your page. :) I’ve been waiting on that check box for a long time. Thanks Facebook!

It’s time to get out there and represent your business better on Facebook! If this was helpful, I love to hear that so let me know!

Have fun, Amber

Facebook Fan Page Tips for Local Business Owners

As the popularity continues to grow for Facebook Fan Pages, so does the local business’s need for creating one.  But, what are you doing with it?  Within the last two months, I’ve seen a huge number of local Facebook Fan Pages/Business pages being created and they are suggesting for all the locals join.  Here’s the problem – they are updated consistently for about a week and then they pretty much “just sit there” with no updated content.

If you’re a local business owner and you’ve created a page you should be updating this page on a regular basis.  Here are some ideas on how to do that.

–          Create specials

–          Create contests  (this will help to add fans or people to like the page)

–           Find interesting industry related articles (even if you didn’t write them)

–          Start the mornings off with a motivational or inspirational quote

–          Get a strategy

–          Create a blog (to post to your fan page)

–          Add content that will increase page interaction

If you are a gym or fitness club, posting interesting articles like this one Yoga could ward off certain diseases (if this is a service you offer) is a great way to keep fans interested and coming back for more. Posting intriguing & valuable information is why people are there – so give it to them.  Here’s one for an auto mechanic – Best Ways to Keep Your Car Running.

Tons of information regarding your industry can be found online to use for posting and updates.

These are just a few ideas to populate your page and add fans/likes.  Keep your content fresh & updated daily.  There are plenty of third party applications to help you schedule content if you can’t be right there to do it daily.

–          Social Oomph

–          Hootsuite

–          Ping

These are just some ideas, but there are more sites available as well.  However, if you do need to schedule post, it’s very important that you interact with your fans as well.  If you’re constantly scheduling updates with no follow-up your fans are going to lose interest and un-like your page.

Another good marketing tool when having a fan page is to tag some of your friends that are not fans yet. Let them know you appreciate them stopping by today or that it was nice seeing them at the grocery store while you were picking up supplies or whatever it may be that you were doing.

How’s that for a start for you local fan page owners?  Now get out there and start using your fan page to Market and GROW!

I Have my Facebook Fanpage Setup, Now What?

Facebook is a busy place. There are over 250 million active users on Facebook, and more than 120 million of them log in every day. Those in-the-know are taking advantage of Facebook and promoting themselves and their products using Facebook’s platform through one of the actual business applications-the business fan page. I have seen quite a few of these pages popping up around companies that haven’t had a social media presence until someone decided to put the page together. A fan page is a facebook page, similar to a personal profile, centered on businesses, organizations and people that have fans, such as public figures, writers, artists, etc.

Making a fan page takes just a few minutes – add some information about your company, your URL, upload your logo and you’re done. Then, when someone becomes a fan of your fan page, everything you publish appears in their News feed for all their fans and friends to read (unless they have this feature turned off). It makes someone joining your fan page somewhat viral.

The goals you want to have in place when using Facebook for business are:

  1. To get found by people who are searching for your products or services.
  2. Connect and engage with current and potential customers.
  3. Create a community around your business.
  4. Promote positive content, including webinars, blog posts or other resources.

Ok, so now what? I suggest creating Google Alerts with industry related search terms. Posting these articles and blogs to your fanpage will help your fans become more aware of what you have to offer along with building your business and brand.

RSS Part 2: Feeds Sharing Value

When Auto Messages Are OK

I realize that I am always talking about the fact that automating messages and social media is only a good sometimes. However, if there is something in your field of work that you are always searching, and always sharing, then RSS feeds are a fine use of automation technology.

Facebook is something that I, and most of you reading this, probably use every day. Because of my daily visits to facebook, I also visit my business fan page every day. Fan pages are an opportunity for businesses that are just now really beginning to be used effectively. There are apps being built every day to enhance our fun and experiences in connecting and sharing with one another. I used to Google and Bing the keywords: “business facebook fan page” at least once a day just to see what’s new and how people are taking advantage of this opportunity.

Consistency Pays Off

When you are in any industry, no matter what it is, you have to keep an eye on the competition to make sure that you are the best at what you do! ;) In the technology world, that is now constantly meshing with the social world, this is more true than ever. You have to love it and stay on top of it!

Once I figured out how to setup an RSS feed of a search for my keywords, then I used an app called RSS Graffiti RSS Graffiti to feed the posts into my Business 2.0 page on facebook for me and my fans to get the latest news on facebook fan pages for business! Because of sharing and being consistent about sharing, my fans have steadily inclined by about 15 – 20 a week since I set it up. What excites me about this is that these are people who are just genuinely interested about fan pages for business and I have earned new clients, been able to help other businesses, and been able to share what I am doing at my business through this site.

Invite Me Too! (once.)

Whoever wrote this post about what they think of fan pages reminded me of an issue with

  • fan pages
  • webinars
  • friending and adding requests
  • and other fun social media activism campaigns.

The issue?

Forgetting who you’ve already invited, suggested, mentioned, or proposed to!

I am sad to say that I am guilty of this. As I was first setting up fan pages and started social media activism, I wasn’t documenting who I had already  “hit up” to join! This is BAD. Learn from my mistake, which luckily didn’t cost me any friends or anything, but I am sure I invited or suggested to my site to my friends more than once . :{ Sorry guys, I love you all for being so wonderfully patient!

Anyways, I deemed this inspiration worthy of a post and a mention and a warning.

Your friends and partners are all great people, and I am sure they are very supportive of you. However, when it comes to business:

“You can and should ask for their support once. If they are interested in joining, they will. When you ask repeatedly, that’s called nagging. “

To prevent myself from being a nag, I now keep lists of people I invite to any new event now. I make sure that whenever I send an auto invite, the invite once is checked. Now that I have more business associates online, I try to keep my friends out of it. (Except when I think it’s REALLY cool!)

Setup a FaceBook Fan Page

1. Be logged in as page admin – could be yourself or your client requesting the page

2. Go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php

3. Complete all of the questions for your page. (Business name, web address, what type of business, etc.)

☆ Note ACCURACY for what you should choose under “what type of business” for your fan page is important. Some things available to share about your fan page under the “Info” on your page depends on what you chose here!

4. Customize Facebook Fan Page, add a profile picture etc.
5. WAIT until your fan page is as complete as possible before you Publish or invite friends.

Facebook Apps to Always Try and Use

Events app can be used to announce seminars, training, any time of business event
Notes can be used to pull an RSS feed into your site and update the wall for you.
Photo app for the portfolio
Video app to show recorded seminars
The discussion board can be geared to encourage on-going conversations, but
The WALL is where you really want to encourage conversations.

Go to your page, click on settings (just under the “What’s on your mind?” box)
Set your default view to “Posts by Page and Fans” – this lets people see who you are conversing with.

Static FBML – this is an app to create a Welcome Tabs for pages that you can use HTML to edit.
Welcome pages are helpful for people to see who are not yet fans and direct newcomers to “fan” your page. (That is, become a fan.)
Under “Edit Page” Set the Wall as your fans’ landing page and fans-to-be can have a nice informative & exciting welcome page! (I love FBML.)

RSS Graffiti is nice if you need to pull multiple RSS feeds into your fan page.

Or hire a Virtual IT Assistant to professionally design and setup a facebook fan page!