Still Twitterpated? How’s that Working Out for You?

Twitter and Sugar with your coffee?Millions of virtual business owners like us are on Twitter. It is one of those tools that can seem exciting at first, then quickly become a “chore” by having to figure out ways to keep conversations going. If you haven’t found your “purpose” on Twitter, then this post will give you some ideas to finding your Twitter niche.

I don’t really use Twitter all that much to build my business. I happen to prefer Facebook. However, the usefulness of keeping up with my “peeps” has not lost its value. I use it often to teach and to learn about the virtual assistant world. You can learn so many helpful things while listening to live conversations that are happening around the world.

The best ways to learn about how to use tools like Twitter are by experience and by examples. These are five of my favorite peeps who I sporadically chime in on their conversations. They each have their own specific area to shine on Twitter.

  1. @KenaRoth is the perfect example of a VA who has a true passion for Twitter. She shares social media tips, shows genuine interest in people by asking them about their lives/business/family/etc. She has established herself as an expert in her field with Twitter (and Facebook). Now, when people want training to use social media for business, they go to her.
    I loved her blog post: Twitter, Some Get It, Some Don’t.
  2. @JenFriel has a fun way of uniting nerds on Twitter. You’ll often see her high energy tweets with a #nerdsunite hashtag. She also shares new places and nerdy conventions she is attending with foursquare. She’s what you’d call an extroverted nerd. :)
  3. @teksquisite (Bev Robb) is an internet security expert who is always keeping me up on the latest in cyber crime detection and prevention. You’ll often see her tweets hash-tagged under #scammers and #cybercrime. She has established herself as an expert in her field with Twitter. Now, when people are concerned about security threats, they go to her.
  4. @joshchandler is a social blogger who can often be found chirping for charity. See how he shares information about a cause? He gets good causes moving with his tweets. Now this is what I call using your powers for good.
  5. @VAForums uses Twitter to promote their newest resources and forum members’ news. If you are a virtual assistant and haven’t signed up as a member at the Virtual Assistant Forums, then you are missing some tons of helpful tools, templates, and peer support. All they ask is that you keep it professional.

Now you have a few ideas of how to use Twitter creatively for your business: to share tips and good conversation, let out your inner nerd, do your part to fight cyber crime, help a charity, and promote your business. Reach and keep followers with these Twitter tools.

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5 thoughts on “Still Twitterpated? How’s that Working Out for You?

  1. Josh Chandler


    Thank you so much for including me in this list. I’m honored to be selected, the others on this list provide some exceptional value and I now follow all of them. Thanks for those introductions.

    – Josh

  2. CBruce

    Wonderful post! It is so true that in vast world of social media networking businesses can get lost.

    All the “tweeps” you listed are terrific people to follow; providing such useful content.

    VAF and Kena have taught me so much for my VA business and about social networking – thanks to both.

  3. virtuallyassistingyou

    Wow, Cindy!! I’m honored. Thanks for following and glad I could be of some help to you. We appreciate you taking the time to comment and for also being a faithful reader to this blog!

  4. Virtual Assistant Forums

    Thank you for such a nice mention of Virtual Assistant Forums and our Twitter account as well. We sincerely appreciate all of the amazing VAs who help make the community at VAF great and it is so gratifying to know that the site is useful to others! A little link love is always nice too :) Thanks!

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