Starting your day with non-GMO Cheerios?

cheeriosHave you heard the news about Cheerios yet? General Mills begins selling Cheerios without genetically modified ingredients

A large company like General Mills turning away from genetically modified cornstarch and genetically modified sugar must be an EXPENSIVE undertaking, I thought. So I looked into this more.

The FDA says the GMO’s have been in our food for 20 years and they are found in more than 70% of all processed foods you find at the grocery store.

Here’s the multi-billion dollar question: Why Use Genetically Modify Foods?

The first glance argument pro-GMO’s: genetically changing plants to be stronger, require fewer herbicides and pesticides, and grow bigger to feed more people sounds like a great thing!

However, taking the genes from other organisms like viruses and bacteria to genetically change the crop that is produced by these plants is too complex to have only good results.

Our own bodies are repairing our cells and DNA all the time with the fuel that we give it. So, isn’t it time we really look in to these genetic modifications we are making in our food?

Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey M. Smith discusses health risks and documented proof of negative reactions seen in animals and humans consuming GMO foods.

The Significance for Them – the Company According to an article on money CNN article: General Mills: Original Cheerios are GMO free a GM spokesman Mike Siemienas said the changes apply only to original Cheerios and replacing genetic modified ingredients from the other varieties like Honey Nut, Apple Cinnamon, or even Multi Grain Cheerios would be “difficult, if not impossible“.

General Mills blog post: The One and Only Cheerios says that General Mills’ position on GMOs hasn’t changed.”

The Significance for Us – the Consumers

1. For Today This effort should encourage awareness of how GMO’s affect our environment and our health.

2. For Tomorrow We must learn a lesson here and recognize how financially and ethically irresponsible it may be to use these scientific advancements without long-term testing it’s effects on human health.

This is great news anyway, because we are starting somewhere! Kudos to General Mills for making this effort.