Taking a break – Getting Away in any Small Way

           Work and play are words used to describe the same thing  under differing conditions. – Mark Twain        


  Mark Twain’s words are truer today than ever. The native of our home state knew that to be effective in your work life, you also need to know how to play. As you dive into social media marketing you are often mixing work with play. Personal relationships cross over into your work world. It may mean you forget the fun.

             You started this venture to be in control of your own destiny. You might have wanted to earn a little bit of extra money. You might have wanted to grow an existing business, or start fresh on your own. Now, don’t forget the fun that’s in the adventure.

            If you’re struggling with which move to make next, try getting away to figure it out. Everyone needs a break. When you get consumed in work, a step back may be the best thing for your growing business.

            You could take a virtual vacation (http://www.link4u.com/vacation.htm), but maybe you need a little more than that. Remember the world is a real place. Remember how to play. Put your actual feet in actual sand, or if you’re not able to do that, just find the best that your area has to offer and go do it. Stepping away for a few minutes, or a few days is a great way to unwind and think about what’s next.

            Play may be the best way to improve your work, and remember the enjoyment in it.

            So, our advice for this week is to check out the local “What to do” section of your newspaper. Get your family or friends together and put some extra “life” into your life. You might not be able to completely log off, but you should take time to enjoy the reward for your efforts and step back for a few days before diving into the grind again.

            Have fun.

2 thoughts on “Taking a break – Getting Away in any Small Way

  1. Jen Gallaher

    Thanks for sharing, Kena. This post is so true. Often times as small business owners, we tend forget the “fun” and the need for time away. Thanks for the great reminder!

  2. Gladys Strickland

    This is so true Kena, and very timely for me. My son is off to his dad’s next week for spring break, and I am going on vacation! Once I had make the plans, I realized how much I needed to get away and have some fun. I’ve promised myself to schedule more away time in future.

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