Social Capital

social powerI want to share another term with you that has become one of my favorites: “social capital”.

The loose definition of social capital: A term used to describe a social interaction that brings economic or personal value to a conversation and it’s audience

Blog Comments Can Absolutely Be Social Capital
The idea of getting and hoping to give value to other businesses by what you read and comment on people’s blogs is a marketing opportunity we’ve only just begun to tap!

Tools To Track Your Blog Comment Social Capital


Only after reading Trust Agents and coming across widely popular blogs (e.g. TechCrunch) have I found new ways to consolidate my own social capital and really make sure I am adding value.

Using “backtype” and disqus, I can see my comments all in one place and even years after I’ve made them.

Even though it’s not good to think, “Oh I coulda/woulda/shoulda said this or that”, it is a good use of time to go back and grade your writing and work on improvement. We can learn from our own histories.

On many people’s blogs, comments can be a dime a dozen, but after learning all I’ve learned about social capital – I can learn how to make my own stand out in the crowd.

I agree with mattkelly’s comment (on Chris Brogan’s blog post: When Should You Use Your Own Language) about “finding your voice”.

It reminded me of this great podcast I heard awhile back from the series “A Virtual Perception”. Darlene Victoria had a guest, Saskia Shakin in Episode 27: In Your Own Words – Public Speaking at Your Best.

“When you find your voice”
she said “that’s when people will listen.” – I will add onto that and say people will listen and when your message is clear.

Audience awareness and clarity and intentions are the three most important tools for effective communication.