Use Social Bookmarks to Your Business Site’s Advantage

Social Bookmarking is a method for Internet users to share, organize, search, and manage bookmarks (locally stored web address) of web resources. Search engines crawl these sites to see how links are being tagged with keywords and to measure the popularity of each link. When signing up for your social bookmark, choose the same user id and passwords for these types of sites. It’s better and easier to have continuity and consistency. I wish I had done this when I first started. It’s not easy to change over, like I am trying to do on Delicious, as I now have 2 different profiles.


On Delicious, most people add one bookmark per site, not really per article. I only added one bookmark to a direct page I liked or homepage. It doesn’t feed or present the bookmarks the same as on Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon.

I don’t know if it will help your site’s SEO very much to take the time to go in and post even all of your favorite articles on the same site. It’s better to bookmark your site along with your clients’ websites once. However, make sure you DO bookmark them on delicious at least once.

*TAG TIP: Utilize the tags, but know it’s trickier because you only get one word for each tag. So, if you type in “virtual assistant” in the tag area, it will add two different tags: virtual and assistant, which aren’t very descriptive separately. Try other words like: business or entrepreneur for better results.

Delicious IconOur Profiles on Delicious

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Amber Whitener – My New Profile


Digg your own stuff sparingly. Do not bookmark every single page or article of your own. It will be terribly obvious and a turn off for people who want to follow your stuff. People will go to your bookmark site and see that you are just using your profile to show off your own site.

If you only Stumble or Digg your favorites into your lists and make sure you include some others’ bookmarks, you will begin to make friends, keep track of some great information, and get the word out about your stuff too.

*TAG TIP: Digg is has fewer categories available to add your “diggs” to. Be as accurate as possible when choosing a category so that people looking up diggs in their favorite topic find your new submission.

Our Profiles on Digg

Jennifer Gallaher

Kena Roth

Amber Whitener


I do have a profile on Reddit; however, I use this profile less than any other bookmarking site. It seems kind of generic to me. Recently they have added pictures, etc., which makes it better, but I only use this maybe twice a month, really. It does accumulate traffic though, if you follow some of these rules in this somewhat offbeat article – From The Oatmeal:

How to get on the Reddit homepage

You may also add me, darkbluesun on Reddit as a friend here, and I will add you back.

*Vote Tip: DO NOT try to up-vote your own submissions. The reddit administrators will dock you for it (and they have every right to). I’ve seen this a lot from new people. Let the votes be organic.


At StumbleUpon, you can see who’s visited you, see what kind of bookmarks they have and then possibly subscribe to their bookmarks if it looks like they are into similar things. I get more traffic from StumbleUpon than any other social bookmarking site.

1. The more bookmarks you add, the better. I suggest adding 3 to 5 (one of yours or your client’s, then 2-4 bookmarks of other people’s stuff) bookmarks per work day until you have about 30 – 40 bookmarks.
2. If someone subscribes to you, you don’t necessarily have to subscribe back, but I do. Regularly check and see who has visited your bookmark profile and consider subscribing to them.
3. You can subscribe to me, FindingAnswers at StumbleUpon, and I’ll subscribe back to you.
4. Utilize the tags that are in the drop down list. These tags are the tags that every other stumbler uses. Don’t make up your own, or it will be more difficult for your links to be found. And remember what I’ve said about tags and keywords for SEO, use them as accurately as possible so you become a valuable contributor and help people find what they are really looking for.

More Resources for Social Bookmarking

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Which are your favorite social bookmarking sites? Which ones do you think are a waste of time?