Slow the Information Overload on Facebook

There has been much talk lately among virtual assistants regarding “information overload” and many of us battle issues like adult ADD (attention deficit disorder). Nowadays, if we don’t write our articles and emails with enough bullet points and well structured headlines, our readers miss important details.

If you are like me and most of my Facebook friends, you do a lot of work and play on Facebook. This article should help you weed out some of the junk in your news feed that doesn’t interest you.

First, I must make a confession: “I heart Farmville.” The fact that it’s a game of “make-believe” that really and truly provides no real benefit should queue me in on the fact that it’s really not worth playing at all. However, I play it almost every night, and I play it with my mom and about 30 ladies I used to go to church with as a child. It’s a fun way for me to stay connected.

In case you have friends like me, you can easily hide “Farmville” or “My Daily Luck” updates from constantly popping up in your news feeds.

Here’s How to Hide Some Unwanted Info from Popping Up in Your News Feed

1. See an app update from your friend that you don’t care to see anymore.

2. Hover over your friend’s post on your news feed until you see the word “Hide” in the right corner of the feed.

3. Click on “Hide Farmville” or “Hide Cafe’ World” or whatever.

4. Make sure you don’t accidentally hide your friend’s feeds! You might miss pictures or links that interest you too.

Use these links in case you:

You may need to be logged in to Facebook for these links to work properly.

My point is to encourage the use of these features of Facebook. It’s not being rude or uncaring. They are here to help us make sure we are getting the information we do want and cutting out the information we don’t want.