Short Essay About My Internet Job

The Internet uniquely provides us with a wide variety of “truth” and a sort of bi-product of “experience”. As I see it, you have two choices with this powerful medium of communication. You can either accept it at face value or press on to learn more and come to your own conclusion. At thirteen, I began doing tech support for a small ISP (Internet Service Provider) in the small town I grew up in. Anything you learn on the internet is available to learn somewhere else. However, the time that it would take to research and validate your data could easily take hours, days, and in many cases years to come to the same conclusions that now come with simply typing in the right keywords into Google or Wikipedia.

The Internet has also produced a new problem with its exponentially growing number of solutions. The problem will come when so many answers will be available online yet so many “experts” are online preaching their version of the truth. How will we verify our international network of shared “answers”? Will we be believed if we come to a different conclusion? The truth is I have no idea. However, I choose to see the Internet for its possibilities and dare to hope that its “powers” will be used for good.

The Internet is now the source of my work life and the reason I am able to have such a fulfilling personal life. I am a work at home mom now. I am going to keep my Internet job even when both of my children are in school and I am home alone. (By then, I plan to open a new office outside of my home.) The discipline or knowledge it takes to really make money while working from a home office is not going to be found in some scammy “make money online by doing absolutely nothing” program that are unfortunately too popular nowadays. My life’s ambition has even become helping other talented parents work online and still be able to be there for their kids when they need them.