ShOcKtober on Facebook

We’ve learned a lot about Facebook this October, like how Politicians are using it quite effectively for smolitics, and recently we’ve seen the scandalous evidence of Facebook data miners selling millions of Facebook user account information for next to nothing… Something like a million Facebook users’ names, email addresses, and profile addresses for 5$?

facebook info for sale signOh, you didn’t hear about it?!

We learned even a little about insites and what information pages get from you including: your name, location, facebook profile number, and email addresses.

Then a very brave blogger named Bogomil Shopov (or “Bogo” for short) from the Czech Republic told us how easy it is to purchase this information for next to nothing in his blog post: I just bought more than 1 million …Facebook data entries. OMG! /updated/

Be prepared for Facebooks answers to these issues. Facebook will now make your email address an email address, and you will see more people complaining on their wall about how facebook needs to stop changing things around!

Here’s what I think: Facebook, please change whatever it is you need to change to prevent this sort of data mining! ;) GL