Shell Accounts

documentation dated pre-2000

Here are some basic commands you might need to use your shell account:

cd [dir]
change current directory
chmod [mode] [filename]
cp [filename] [path/newfilename]
copy file to new location
list files in current directory
mkdir [dir]
make directory
mv [filename] [path/filename]
move file to new location
shows the path name of your current directory
rm [file]
remove file
rmdir [dir]
remove directory (use rm -r [dir] to remove a directory with files in it)

change the login shell
show how much disk space is available on system
gzip [filename]
compress file, use gunzip [filename] to uncompress
man [command]
display help on specific command
ps [-flags]
view processes, use ps -aux | grep username to view processes running from your account.
kill [pid]
kill process, use kill -9 [pid] to kill process without saving
talk [user]
pages user for chat, [user] is their email address on the server
see who is logged on the server

ftp [host]
FTP program

Internet Relay Chat

web browser

e-mail program
pico [filename]
text editor

telnet [host]

Most people don’t use unix shell accounts much anymore. This is a document that was written somewhere around 1999. I know because I used it when I worked in tech support at night for my parents ISP. OMG, memories. ;) I found this under some really oooooold html files I wrote/copied for the original I honestly don’t know where all the info originated. It looks like something I copied and consolidated. It’s worth a pre-dated post. I am posting this under March 14, 2006 because that was the last time the html file was modified. However, this information is much older.