she is 4years and he is 4 weeks today

Today, I took Haylee to glamour shots to get her pictures taken. They did her makeup and curled her hair. She felt like a princess too. I was glad to do something that was just for her. She has done so well with her new job of being a big sister. She’s had her moments, but she has gone through A LOT of changes this year.

It’s funny because Ryan just turned 4 weeks old today. Haylee is four years. She and I have made it through thick and thin and thinner over the past four years. It’s funny how time flies. And when you’re not watching too closely, life happens.

No matter if you are 4 weeks old, or 4 years, as long as you have stability and lOvE. Life is good. You know why kids are happier than grownups? Because something as simple as getting your pictures taken will make your whole week.

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