SD Card Data Recovery

Last week I was tasked with recovering some data from a faulty SD card. A few years ago I had used some random tool to do the job. I’d been able to recover pics accidentally erased from old floppy disks before. I knew I could do it, I just had to find the right program to do the job. I found a good one so I decided to share the one I liked best.

After browsing around cnet, I downloaded a few program programs but found the best success with one callled Zero Assumption Recovery which promised to be able to recover data from FAT16 file systems like the one on the photo card I was working on. This program worked like a charm!


First, I chose Image Recovery (Free).



Next I chose the Disk I needed to find accidentally deleted photos. You see it highlighted here.



When you click next you see the the data fragments being searched and interpreted. . . This part didn’t take long for a 2 gig SD card but it recovered.



It recovered 1024 files. Really, I only needed it to recover the last 50 which had been corrupted by using it in three different cameras creating their own DCIM and MISC folders.



Chose the right destination and press the “Start copying the selected files” so that the rescued files get copied into the folder.