Save Money, Live Cluttered – Walmart

Isn’t Walmart wonderful? No, really. Isn’t having prices so low that you can literally buy twice as many groceries for the same price you would pay to get only 1/2 as many from those old-fashioned grocery-only stores?

Walmart is like a god-send for that 5 year old’s birthday party you forgot about. You can run to Walmart, buy a present, a cute gift bag the perfect size for the present, and a cool ‘Happy Birthday Five Year Old!’ birthday card in one stop. Oh and BONUS!-> You will probably be able to buy it all for less than what you would pay for a comparable gift at a local toy store. (If you even have one in your city anymore.)

Here’s my real question: Is there a price for this convenience? Do you buy twice as many groceries? Do you eat more or less health consciously because you have stockpiles of foods full of difficult-to-pronounce chemical ingredients? I mean, they say they are for ‘stability and freshness’ right?

If we can have pretty much anything we want for such a low price, does it take away the value of… everything?
save money live cluttered

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Do we eat with less enjoyment, and then inevitably tend to eat more?
Do we too easily get bored with all the clothes in our stuffed closets because we can just run over to the nearest Super Target and pick up a great deal on this season’s fashion trends?

Is it really save money, live better? Or is it more like save money and live less satisfied?