RSS Part 2: Feeds Sharing Value

When Auto Messages Are OK

I realize that I am always talking about the fact that automating messages and social media is only a good sometimes. However, if there is something in your field of work that you are always searching, and always sharing, then RSS feeds are a fine use of automation technology.

Facebook is something that I, and most of you reading this, probably use every day. Because of my daily visits to facebook, I also visit my business fan page every day. Fan pages are an opportunity for businesses that are just now really beginning to be used effectively. There are apps being built every day to enhance our fun and experiences in connecting and sharing with one another. I used to Google and Bing the keywords: “business facebook fan page” at least once a day just to see what’s new and how people are taking advantage of this opportunity.

Consistency Pays Off

When you are in any industry, no matter what it is, you have to keep an eye on the competition to make sure that you are the best at what you do! ;) In the technology world, that is now constantly meshing with the social world, this is more true than ever. You have to love it and stay on top of it!

Once I figured out how to setup an RSS feed of a search for my keywords, then I used an app called RSS Graffiti RSS Graffiti to feed the posts into my Business 2.0 page on facebook for me and my fans to get the latest news on facebook fan pages for business! Because of sharing and being consistent about sharing, my fans have steadily inclined by about 15 – 20 a week since I set it up. What excites me about this is that these are people who are just genuinely interested about fan pages for business and I have earned new clients, been able to help other businesses, and been able to share what I am doing at my business through this site.