Represent Your Business BETTER on Facebook

Facebook Business Page Updates February 2011

Kena posted these messages on the Virtually Assisting You Facebook page last Friday:

  1. As an Admin on so many pages…this is awesome as well with the new Facebook upgrade –> Get notifications(email or instant) when fans interact with your page or posts!
  2. With the new upgrade on Facebook Pages. You can now make comments as your page on other pages.

I was so excited to checkout what Facebook was calling An Upgrade for Pages, but I didn’t have enough time to look into it until I just took the time today. I had to write about how EASY it is to do these things and more!

Click on any instructional image to enlarge it.

1. Use Facebook as Your Business Page

  1. Click on “Account”.
  2. Then click on the “Use Facebook as Page” option in the drop-down.

2. Your Facebook Page Profile Will Look Like Your Personal Profile

  1. See how many new people “Like” your business. This # shows up like your profile shows how many friend requests & suggestions you have.
  2. See how many interactions your page has had since you were there the last time!

3. Still Want to Communicate on Facebook as Yourself?

Don’t it look odd when you want to comment or like something on any page you are an admin on? It looks like you are “liking” your own stuff right? Well, Facebook fixed that too. (If it was fixed prior to this update, I didn’t realize it or I would’ve posted about it.)

We’d been waiting on this option for a long time.

1. Go to your Business Page on Facebook and click on the “Edit Info” button at the top.

2. Then click on “Your Settings” on the left.

3. Uncheck the top box about commenting on your page as your page. :) I’ve been waiting on that check box for a long time. Thanks Facebook!

It’s time to get out there and represent your business better on Facebook! If this was helpful, I love to hear that so let me know!

Have fun, Amber