Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Work at Home Mom and Dad Writers

Parents Magazine and, Parenting Magazine, Working Mother Magazine

Freelance Writing Job Listings

Freelance Writing Gigs, Newest FREELANCE MAGAZINE WRITING Jobs – collects most listings from, Magazines Seeking Writers – write about travel, cooking, etc

IT Article Writers

Developer Tutorials, WorldStart’s Computer Tips, Simple-Talk, Technet Magazine

Writers of All Things Etc.

Write for, AuctionBytes-Update and Collector’s Corner, Fiction Writing Editors, Professional Resume Writers, Funds for Writers (Source – I verified some of this information from an article titled “50 Places that Hire Freelance Writers” found at

Write for Animal Magazines

Dog Fancy magazine, Dog & Kennel, Animal Wellness, The Bark, Animal Fair, Veterinary Medicine, Cat Fancy, Catworld Magazine, Cats USA Magazine, Cats & Kittens and Bird Times, I Love Cats Magazine, Bird Talk magazine, Bird Watcher’s Digest, Aquarium Fish International Magazine, and Reptiles Magazine. (Source – I found this information from an article titled “Magazines That Hire Freelance Writers To Write About Pets” at and included links to submission information.)