Pigtail Style

pigtailsYesterday my 10 year old (Haylee) informed me that she absolutely must wear pigtails to school today.

I couldn’t remember the last time she actually wore this particular hairstyle.

‘Why?’ was the next obvious question I had to ask.

“Because there was this girl being bullied in high school about her hair being put up in pigtails! Some mean girl told her that only losers and babies wore pigtails and that she was both. Well, that girl wore her pigtails to school every day after that and the mean girl kept picking on her! She never changed her hair style for the mean girl though, and then other girls caught on to what was going on and started wearing their hair in pigtails, and well now every girl in my school including teachers who has long enough hair is going to be wearing their hair in pigtails to support this girl and her right to wear her pigtails!… ”

My daughter’s story (as always) was very detailed and passionate about this cause.

pigtailsThe cause isn’t about pigtails of course.The cause is about girls supporting other girls and the courage to be who they are, to wear their hair the way they feel like wearing it, and to not back down when someone tells them that they are a loser.

I wore my hair up pigtail style today too.

Click here to read (the original pigtail girl) Maisie Kate Miller’s story in the Washington Post Blog.