People are born to be judgmental. . .

We all have a point of view, therefore we judge the world according to what we see.

Some are more “out loud” about it than others.

The backward thinkers are those who believe that their point of view

is the right point of view. This blog will never change the way a backward thinker thinks.

But, my whole life I have loved to take the side of what you might call the “devil’s advocate“.

Not to glamorize the devil or anything, but just to show that we are all different for a reason.

I am not going to pretend for a minute that any post I publish should be agreed with

or  is in any way based on straight facts. In fact, the opposite it true.

These are stories about situations in my life, they are based on my opinions and the way I see things.

If you like what I write, then let me know. If not, you are entitled to your opinion. :)

After all, what would this international network thing (aka the Internet) be good for,

if we didn’t learn from each other?

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