Parenthood is

  • about pretending to eat plastic food and drinking air out of a plastic play cup, and complimenting the cook on the fabulous meal 4.28.2009
  • realizing that a million pictures are wonderful, but it only takes one to take you back to the memory
  • about riding amusement park rides called “Plankton’s Plunge” instead of the “Drop Tower” (at King’s Island)
  • about realizing how cheap yet valuable happy meal toys can be
  • wiping the mud off of white tennis shoes to try to make them look brand new again (Kids love new tennis shoes.)
  • understanding why your noisy toys would “mysteriously” disappear when you were a kid.
  • 20% teaching right from wrong, and 80% reminding them of the difference between right and wrong.
  • experiencing Christmas like a kid again.
  • wearing crazy looking beaded necklaces that say things like: Kzbbl. 12.3.2010