Our Friend the Internet

This is an odd thought I had one day. So, I’m posting it. The internet has all the traits of a good friend. She listens to anything you have to say. She won’t interrupt you or judge you the way people do. She will be there the next time you take the time to show up and visit her again. She could be seen as all knowing and all accepting.

However, there are some things that you should know before she becomes the friend you “can tell anything to”.

  • Number 1 – She may listen to your secrets, but she has no choice but to share them.
  • Number 2 – She won’t interrupt you, so keep track of the time you spend with her.
  • Number 3 – She doesn’t know how to judge, but she has many many friends that do.
  • Number 4 – At 2am you may be vulnerable and to say things or read things out of context.
  • Number 5 – She knows a lot of great stuff, but you need to learn how to ask for it.

Told you it was odd. . . I may build on this later.

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