No Time for Blogging…What to Do???

Everyone knows how important it is to be blogging these days.  The stress alone of keeping it maintained can be overwhelming, not to mention keywords, SEO and link baiting, just to name a few.


Does that sound like you?  If you’ve reached a point in your business that you need a blog or someone to help with your blog, it may be time to hire outside help.

      Hire outside help?  People do that?  YES!  All the time.

It doesn’t matter if you are starting a blog for the first time, or you have gotten so successful you don’t have time to maintain the one you have. can help!

You already know, or you’ve heard, that blogs can help grow your small business.

As a vital part of your social marketing strategy, they can pull in NEW customers AND help you stay connected to the customers you already have.

But if you’re new at all of this, it can sound intimidating or overwhelming, and you may not even have the time to or know-how to get started.  If you’re not new to blogging, you may simply have no time to blog, but don’t want to lose your audience or customer base.

Take a look at what their monthly service will provide (WOW).

Monthly service will provide:

  • Complete Search Engine-Optimized WordPress blog with custom template:  You will not have to worry about set-up or design.  You will have complete control to edit any content that doesn’t match your message.
  • Ongoing WordPress maintenance/security:  We’ll check your site daily to make sure it is operational, and will control spam.
  • Plug-in updates:  Plugins power all of those “extras” that connect your website to the rest of your social marketing plan, like your Twitter feed, animations or video feeds.  They won’t update automatically, so, we’ll manage it for you.
  • Your choice of 4 or 8 blog posts per month:  We do the writing and posting of your weekly or twice-weekly search engine-optimized posts.  You have editorial control to alter or change any posts or to contribute content ideas.
  • Ongoing traffic generation:  When people search for your product or service, you want them to find you. This service includes website and RSS directory submissions.  We’ll let Google, Yahoo and Bing know about your new WordPress Blog.  We’ll also publicize your blog on other popular websites so your blog will be easily found by the search engines.
  • Social Bookmarking:  Another way people can find your blog is on Social Bookmarking sites like and  When you’re listed, people (and the search engines) can find you by tag and subject.
  • Connect your blog to popular sites:  Every post will automatically appear on your personal profile pages on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

No Time to Blog” services start at just $97 per month for up to 4 blog posts.  The monthly cost for 8 posts per month is just $147.  This includes complete blog maintenance such as, software updates, all blog posts as well as search engine optimization and traffic generation.  If you don’t have a blog they’ll set one up for you for just $197, which includes one year of webhosting and security updates.