My Mission in Life

The Issue:
Corporations and Small Businesses of America have fallen short of efficiently utilizing the opportunities and immeasurable benefits that come with the option of working at home. Telecommuting efforts have been blemished due to employees who have worked from home and been inadequately managed by “technically challenged” superiors. The shortage of procedures and tracking systems, and even employees with a poor work ethic have closed the door for managers or coworkers altogether. Many different scenarios have all contributed to the prevention of work at home program success.

The purpose of darkbluesun is to pave the way for stay at home moms and stay at home dads to work from home part time in a position that is relevant to their chosen professional field. This organization is being built with the motivation to be the best resource for anyone planning to start an online business or start an online division of a corporation. The importance of staying on your career path while going to school, raising a family or even when you have fallen ill is becoming greater and greater as technology advances. There are so many business professionals who need more than 24 hours in a day to get everything done. Virtual Assistants have been the answer to this problem. Taking a few hours out of every week day to make sure skills are kept sharp yet the stresses of working long hours in a busy office building are not hindering your most important work: taking care of your family and/or yourself.

To restore balance to the American family and work life, to prevent modern professionals to have to choose between their career and their family and to standardize the processes for employers and employees to enjoy the benefits of telecommuting.


  • Educate stay at home parents to be valuable work at home parents.
  • Keep parents who choose to stay home and raise their children and stay on their career paths.
  • Avert scams that take advantage of the oppressed professionals of this economic situation.

I plan to build a large network of verified and trained Virtual Assistants to execute large projects for online business branches of companies. And then use the same resources and training programs that prove effective to larger business to train large corporations and all types of business to implement telecommuting and job sharing opportunities.

To offer free resources including an online VA library, VA checklists, eBook How to’s, educational software and eventually a free virtual classroom for anyone who wants to join the effort or begin their own entrepreneurial venture.

With honesty, integrity, innovation, and education we can change the world – one business at a time.

It can take years to get a new business off the ground. These resources are going to be driven to save time, money and relieve stress. These benefits are priceless.