My Dear Spouse

My Dear Spouse-

I am not a superwoman, contrary to popular belief; but I do play one on the internet. 

I do have my moments of complete and utter control over everything that comes across my desk and everyone that crosses my path during the course of my day.  Those are the days that I crank out the most work, both on a professional and personal level.  But, those moments are fleeting, at best.  I just wave my magic wand and give the illusion that I’ve got it all going on…ALL THE TIME! 

Don’t get me wrong, I make sure my clients are very well taken care of.  But, just because I chose to work at home does not mean that I have also chosen to take on all things domestic.  I realize that working from home does bring about a different set of rules as well as additional responsibilities, like entertaining the kids for most of the day during summer break, for instance.  Still, I do try to go above and beyond for you, our kids and my clients.  That’s just me.  I’m not completely satisfied until I know everyone else is, first.

Now that the day is done, and all my projects for work have been completed and the children have been taken care of, it’s my turn.  I need a break…and I need some help.  So, I’m going out for a while to take of me so that I can continue to take care of you and my clients. 




I’m not a superwoman by any means, but I love that to you, I am.  Oh and by the way, your work clothes are clean and hung up in the closet.  :)