Sharing Can Be Easy and Fun

The Share Icon

In kindergarten, we are taught that sharing is polite. Being polite usually results in positive feedback. Now, as a blogger, you are quickly learning that making your message easier to share often will exponentially increase the potential for your message to reach more and more people.


A Blog Sharing Scenario

A web surfer happens upon your blog post. They like what you’ve written and deem it newsworthy enough to share with their friends or followers. They see this tweet or retweet button:

They click on it and share your message with their 5000 followers. Then, 25 of the 5000 retweet your message, and then their followers do and so on. By the next day, you have 50,000 people “happen” by your website because you have 2 of the most important ingredients of any popular blog:

1. You have great content.


2. You make it easy for people to pass it on.

People enjoy sharing news with their network, it makes them important among their social networks when it’s done in context and with a measure of quality. Make sure your messages aren’t being silenced due to a lack of convenience.


Easy Sharing Tools

Tweetmeme is the service you can use to create those tweet/retweet buttons.  Skill level: Beginner – Intermediate if you are new to web developing and you try to sign up for tweetmeme, it can seem confusing and you may even end up paying for a subscription that may not be necessary. Tweetmeme is a great tool; however you don’t have to pay for the analytics to have a retweet button on your posts.  Analytics are valuable, but probably not as much to someone who is still learning the ropes.  Work on analytics after you have a site with a good base foundation of content (I consider that being around 50+ posts).  When your blog is new, your traffic will most likely be inconsistent until you have established your focus/purpose with supporting content. provides you with a very easy web service that allows you to include a comprehensive option to offer easy sharing and bookmarking of your blog posts and web pages.  Also, if you register a free login to their site, you receive emails tracking the number of times your posts have been shared and bookmarked!  Skill level: Beginner
Bookmark and Share

WordPress Plugins for Simplifying Shares & Bookmarks



The more simply you setup your site for surfing, sharing, and commenting, the more interaction will happen as you grow.

*** Next week, I will write more about how and why bookmarking your best work extends your message’s reach as well.