Loving Life Means Planning Time

Wow, this has been one busy week around here.  With a lot of new opportunities coming this way, and some old plans being rekindled, I’m reminded that schedules are good. It’s fun to relax at the holidays, but routines make my work AND personal life flow so much better. What about yours?

Mondays are always my “focus” day.  I plan out my work week, my personal week and everything that falls in between.  They say you can’t have it all, but I find you can have a lot more if you plan carefully, choose your projects wisely, and enjoy yourself.

This was my first good “Monday” of the New Year. The kids are back to school for the first full week since Christmas break. So, we HAD to get back into a routine.  Pick up. Drop off. Make time to get the boys to wrestling, don’t forget to call back the client, keep those social media pages updated and change the laundry.

Without a schedule, the day can get away. The dream can become fuzzy, and I’m less productive. When that happens, stress can start to creep in. Then, it can be tempting to forget the blessing of working at home, and to veer off course.

But, when I stick to a schedule I find I love my life. I’m able to enjoy the simple pleasures, like a few minutes to chat online with my fellow VAs or send a tweet to old friends. I feel great about the work I am able to accomplish. It’s meaningful work, where I get the reward. AND I remember to be thankful for the unending support of my husband, who believes in what I’m doing, and the blessing of small freedoms like getting to be with my boys at their wrestling meet.

A boring routine may be what you tried to escape when you decided to work at home. But don’t shy away from it now. This time the routine is YOURS! This is your chance to put what’s important into your day, to do work YOU choose, and have the freedom to enjoy it.

So, plan today. Choose wisely how you spend your time.

Then, enjoy where you are. Keep your eyes on where you want to be, and love this work at home life.

3 thoughts on “Loving Life Means Planning Time

  1. Laurie

    Having a regular routine definitely keeps me sane as a wahm! I loved the holidays and thankfully my client work was pretty quiet, so I could enjoy the change. Now we’ve been back on track for a couple of weeks and life moves much more smoothly!

  2. Mike Stenger

    I totally and completely agree! Routines and schedules are very important. Whenever I get off track, it really can throw off an entire day and can get a little stressful. As long as I throw in some variety in my routine and schedule everyday, I find it to be quite enjoyable.

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