Living Examples Turned into Lessons for Viral Videos

According to wikipedia, “a viral video is one that becomes popular through the process of internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites and email.” We already saw lesson one for viral videos first thing. Now on to lesson two…

Lesson 1 to Create a Viral Video: Be Utterly Ridiculous

This is the first video I ever watched that I would consider it to be a “viral video” of it’s time. About six or seven years ago (when I slaved away for Corporate America), my friend at work was like “Amber! You have to see this!” I watched and then I cracked up so hard! This video is so old that when it became viral, people actually had to email the entire video to each other (or at least, that’s how we received it). It’s true!!! It was not originally on Youtube! (Weird huh?) ;)

The Numa Numa Guy (10,971,000 views)


You know what I thought to myself when I saw this? Who in the world would share this with everyone!? I realized later that is was incredibley popular because it is more than a video about a chubby boy looking like a total lunatic. The video is about letting loose. We all just want to let go sometimes… Don’t we?

Lesson 2 to Create a Viral Video: Be Completely Adorable (and Funny)

Lesson 3 to Create a Viral Video: Keep it Short

This video gives you two lessons. First: people love adorable pets, animals, and of course kids. Second: this video is only 56 seconds long. Who doesn’t have a minute to see something this cute?

Charlie Bit Me: 241,903,149 views (Yes 241 million)


Lesson 4 to Create a Viral Video: Be Crazy Passionate

The next video is the one from Youtube’s “itschriscrocker”. The video has profanity so out of respect for the business class, I am not going to link to it. If you have never seen this one, and would like to, then go to Youtube and look up Chris Crocker’s username. However, I strongly recommend sending children out of the room, or use headphones… quiet headphones. (You know, not the kind that is so poorly made that you can hear everything coming out of them without even putting them on.)

Anyways…. :) This video is older, but after getting more than 35 and a half million views, it is still very notable. Of course I do not recommend getting hysterical about nothing or ranting like a crazy man, but this guy was so passionate about standing up for “poor little Briteny” that he really did let the whole world know it.

Leave Brittany ALONE (35,585,000 views)

Lesson 5 to Create a Viral Video: Be Justin Bieber, or (Just Really Talented)

Kids are really a HUGE audience of YouTube. My eight year old daughter comes home all the time with stories about YouTube videos like the “Annoying Orange” and other utterly ridiculous videos geared to entertain our children. While this is a strong tool for business, it is stronger when you can throw in a little entertainment/talent/ or a good laugh.

Justin Bieber – (Baby 366,475,939 views)


Now, I’ve ever had a video with millions of hits yet, but someday I will work on that. In the meantime, we should keep our ears open and our idea lists close!

Maybe you will be the next YouTube star! :D