Lived to Work

Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, ♫ Michael Jackson, & Billy Mays

The purpose of life is a great mystery. We all think about, even when we try not too. And we all somehow manage to make our own mark on this tiny world that we live in. This month, June 2009, the world suffered the loss of 4 fantastically unique souls. Each one reminding us of equally important values that make this short span of time we spend here on earth a little more tolerable.

Ed reminds that life taken too seriously is a terrible waste of time.

Laugh more.

Ed McMahon

Ed McMahon, America’s Comedian
1923 – 2009

In this early photo of her career, Farrah reminds us that beauty is fleeting;

but the magic of new beginnings can never really fade.

No matter what you know now, that you didn’t know then.


Farrah Fawcett, America’s “Girl Next Door” Actress
1947 – 2009

Michael reminds us that no matter how high in the sky a star is,

there will always be someone or something just waiting to watch it fall.

Shine on, Michael, shine on.


Michael Jackson, The King of Pop
1958 – 2009

Billy reminds us to find what we are best at, and just go for it until someone hears your voice.


Billy Mays, America’s Salesman.

The timing of these great losses are very unfortunate. These kinds of people inspire us to do our best professionally. They raise the bar when it comes to working hard. And they humanize the reality of our mortality. So for one brief moment we can reflect, and maybe walk away just a little more thankful. And also, what we want out of our own lives can be shown to us in a new and clearer perspective. Don’t take life for granted.

Sending you a little reminder to live life to the fullest of your potential.

Work to live and live to work, find the balance that brings you happiness.

4 thoughts on “Lived to Work

  1. Clayton Ivey

    The world has lost some many iconic talent. Farrah was sensational,
    Ed cannot be replaced, MJ will be missed. Yet, kudos to the life of
    America’s Entrepeneur and King Maker, Billy Mays.

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  3. rankpay promo code

    This still is a horrible tragedy. We lost one of the worlds best salesman. Billy Mays was far more helpful, charismatic, and memorable than Michael Jackson whom the media loves to reflect on. We need to remember the man who always was in your face. Someone who brought out the best in everything he did. Who we loved his life, who we imitated, and who we looked up to as we shall continue to in his death. A death which leaves the world in comparative silence, in the wake of his strong voice. RIP, Billy Mays

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