5 Reasons Why Blogs are Dying (Part 2)

Every day this week I am going to write about the five main reasons why so many blogs are dying out.
1. Lack of Time / 2. Lack of Content / 3. Lack of Focus / 4. Lack of Response / and 5. Lack of Tangible Benefits

Lack of Content

Don’t have anything to blog about? This is a tough one.

Listen to what people are interested in and find the relative topic to write your post about.

Get Inspiration Choose a Topic / Main Idea

Google Trends are similarly powerful to Twitter’s Trending Topics.


Don’t look into those “free website content” things.

The biggest key is making sure that your content is your own. Even if you are writing a post about someone else’s post, after giving proper credit to your inspiration, let the reflections or creative writing come from you.

Check out this Problogger.net article: How to Write Great Blog Content.