5 Reasons Why Blogs are Dying (Part 5)

Every day this week I am going to write about the five main reasons why so many blogs are dying out.
1. Lack of Time / 2. Lack of Content / 3. Lack of Focus / 4. Lack of Response / and 5. Lack of Tangible Benefits

Lack of Benefits

What is your motivation for blogging? Blogs that make a steady income are rare considering the absurd number of blogs existing in the nameless rabble of websites that host their own or offer free blog spaces.

To put it simply, millions of blogs have failed. The most important question for you must answer for yourself is: “How do you measure the success of your blog?”

The Money

The following are the most basic avenues to earn some coin for all of your hard work.

  • attract sponsors
  • attract advertisers
  • charge for access

These aren’t really very successful until you get some serious traffic. e.g. 50 to 100 hits a day.

The Marketing

For most businesses, blogs aren’t created to be a source of residual income as much as they are a source of marketing their actual business. And we all know how much good marketing costs. :)

  • gain credibility for your business
  • brag about your business

Or the Outlet

Sometimes, the benefit of writing a blog is simply an artistic release.

  • write for the sake of writing